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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Readathon update #1

I'm currently working on Youth by J.M. Coetzee. I'm about halfway done and am really enjoying it. I've got a number of his books on my TBR list, so I was very happy to find that I like his writing style, it means I won't feel the need to shift the other books to the bottom of the list!

My husband, God bless him, decided to go into the office today. He said it was to get work done that he can't do during the week, but I suspect it was really so that I'd have the house to myself for reading -- isn't that sweet? Now if I could just get the cockatiel to stop screeching...


Nise' said...

That is very nice of your husband. Mine is on a golf course about three hours away so I have the whole day to myself. Except to make lunch for my sons. Happy Reading.

jessi said...

Sounds like you're doing great! Happy reading! :)

Tammy said...

Luckily, my son took off for the weekend, so it's just me, the dogs, and the bird. No matter how much we love our boys, it's nice to have some time to ourselves once in a while, isn't it?

A said...

My husband ditched too. He's even getting the groceries for the week! What a dream! Good luck!

Icedream said...

What a sweet hubby! Isn't it fun to discover you found another author to enjoy? Have fun!
Icedream-your roaming cheerleader

jehara said...

that sounds lovely, having the house to yourself. happy reading :)

Kim said...

What a great husband! It sounds like you are having a great time with your book and I bet you are happy you like his writing style! Keep on trucking and most of all, Have Fun!
*smiles and happy reading cheers to you*
(page after page)

shelburns said...

How nice of Hubby. Mine is off welding, so hopefully he'll be gone a good while. I have to help him when he returns and all I want to do is read!

Lauren said...

Good luck on your read a thon. I'm lucky to live alone but that's nice that you have the house all to yourself to read away.

Traci said...

Hope you have a great day of reading!!

raych said...

That's precious! Mine's hanging around the house being distracting. Maybe I can send him on errands.

Angela said...

Reading all alone is the best! Good luck with your books.

Rhinoa said...

That's lovely of your usband. Mine is playing XBox really loudly and keeps trying to talk to me grr! Yay for being the reader of the hour.

CCDPiper said...

Sounds like you are having a great time so far. Now if I could just get my family to leave for a little while! I have 3 lovebirds sqwaking away so I know what you mean!

Ashley said...

That was sweet of your husband. My boyfriend is constantly asking me questions every 15 minutes which makes it hard.

I'm glad you're enjoying your current read! Keep with it!

Laurie said...

Awesome- sounds great. I've not read anything by Coetezee yet, but I have several of his books in my TBR mountain.

Wendy said...

Boy, you're courageous picking a Coetzee book to read...I'm afraid that would be too cerebral for me during this event *laughing*. Hope you are having fun!

joanna said...

Sounds like you're having fun, hope you enjoy all your reading!

J.C. Montgomery said...

I've heard good things about Coetzee, so I will be interested to hear what you think when you have finished.

Your husband sounds wonderful. As for the Cockatiel, mine loved his millet, the kind you get that is still on the branch. Would keep him quiet and busy for a a long time. But then there was the mess...hmmm...I am thinking this is an 'out of the pan into the fire scenario' ...LOL

Lexi said...

Way to go! Just stopping in, since you're one of the Readers of the Hour, to say hi and wish you happy reading!

SJ said...

Glad you like the book you're reading! Makes a difference.

What a sweet hubby!


Steph said...

my birds are being loud too!
I think they want to read :) hehe

Juliann in WA said...

that is nice of your husband - mine is giving me a lot of space too

tanabata said...

Aw, that is sweet of your husband. Mine is currently zonked out on the sofa. ;)
Hope your reading is going well.

Alessandra said...

Happy reading! Have fun!

The Holistic Knitter said...

Kind husband. Mine is sleeping on the sofa ... 'having a little nap' if I could just get him to stop snoring.......;0)

gautami tripathy said...

As I am single and free, no worries about a husband or anyone else!


Have fun reading!

Memory said...

I'm envious of your alone time! My family went out this morning, but now they're back and have booted me out of the living room.

Happy reading!

Care said...

Hi Tammy! Yes, what a SWEET husband! Mine did the opposite - he dragged me off to go play, out to lunch and now just invited a bunch of people over to watch tonight's Red Sox game and he wants me to go buy beer!

Becky said...

Good luck with your reading!

mari said...

Happy reading!

Callista said...

Oh boy do I wish my house were empty, or at least of kids! I did really bad this past hour because my 18 month old wouldn't leave me alone.

Chain Reader said...

Thank goodness I don't have a bird! Happy Reading!

The Book Girl said...

What a sweet husband! Mine has watched the three little ones while I locked myself away in my room!

Shannansbooks said...

Thats great that you hubby is giving you your time. I have only managed to read 10-20 pages per hour. I usually finish 100 page book in 1hr and half. I have not even read 100pgs yet.