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Saturday, June 14, 2008

Weekly Geeks #8 -- Scavenger Hunt

My first Weekly Geek post, woohoo!! I've been meaning to join in for weeks, but something has always come up.

Our Weekly Geeks #8 theme is SCAVENGER HUNT.

The challenge is to find as many of the keywords as possible, in as many Weekly Geeks’ blogs as possible. You can use any blog that has participated in any WG, even if it was only once. AND THERE IS A PRIZE!

Your post should list each keyword you found, and it should link to the blog in which you found it, in fact to the specific post in which you found it. Please NUMBER your keywords.


1. (THE PRIZE. Did you find it?): A subscription to Bookmarks Magazine
2. youtube: Reading Adventures
3. war: Saving My Sanity
4. Sunday Salon: Smallworld Reads
5. Buy a Friend a Book: Bell Literary Reflections
6. BTT (or Booking Through Thursday): Bride of the Book God
7. omnibus: Mysteries in Paradise
8. Speculative fiction: Stuff as Dreams are Made On
9. Short stories: Journey to the End of the TBR Pile
10. Ani Difranco (or just Ani): Care's Online Book Club
11. Printz: Maw Books Blog
12. Man Booker Prize (or just Booker): Joy's Blog
13. Newbery: Chain-Reading
14. Mother Talk: The Hidden Side of a Leaf
15. interview: Age 30 - A Year of Books
16. history: Biblio Brat
17. glbt (or any other arrangement of those letters, or with a q in there): Karin's Book Nook
18. fantasy: Confuzzled Books
19. film: Writing Chaos that is Me
20. giraffe: Caribou's Mom
21. biography: Mog's Book Blog and...
22. Geraldine Brooks: Book Nut
23. graphic novels: Katrina's Reads
24. classics: Just a (Reading) Fool
25. faerie: Stephanie's Confessions of a Book-a-holic
26. Amelie: Random Field Notes
27. doo doo doo
28. 24 Hour Read-a-thon: The Armenian Odar Reads
29. etsy: Book-a-Rama
30. poetry: Nothing of Importance
31. Bookmooch: The Written Word
32. Out of the Blue
33. R.E.M.: Random Wonder
34. Bookworms Carnival: Adventures in Reading
35. library: Blue Archipelago
36. Lost (must refer to the TV series): It's All About Books
37. Six Feet Under: Literary Escapism
38. ReadingAnimals (I’m featuring her because I feel bad that I can’t figure out how to comment at her blog.): Reading, Writing and Retirement
39. hedgehog: Thinking About...
40. pregnant: A Girl Walks Into a Bookstore
41. nosebleed (or nose bleed): Naked Without Books
42. 42 (No, that’s not a mistake; number 42 is to find the digit 42.): Just Add Books
43. herding cats: In Spring it is the Dawn
44. Django Reinhardt: I know who this is but I could not find a post ANYWHERE!
45. A.S. Byatt: You Can Never Have Too Many Books
46. Homer: The Indextrious Reader
47. ROFL
48. cheezburger (must be spelled with Z!): Tip of the Iceberg
49. d20: Bookworm
50. Little Critter: Becky's Book Reviews
51. translation (or translated): Joystory
52. dumpster: A Chain of Letters
53. Orson Scott Card: A Striped Armchair
54. Tite Kubo: Puss Reboots (found only as an author tag)
55. pavement: My Own Little Reading Room
56. magic realism: Things Mean a Lot
57. search: Lori's Reading Corner
58. nerdfighter:
59. summer: Bloody Hell, It's a Book Barrage!
60. Amish: Tripping Toward Lucidity
61. ARC: So Many Precious Books, So Little Time

My totals: 57 out of 61, with 57 different bloggers


Dewey said...

You won the Bookmarks subscription, Tammy! If you'll just email me (dewpie at gmail) with your address, I'll get your subscription set up, although as you probably know, they can take weeks to start coming to you.

Tammy said...

Yay!! I've been meaning to subscribe for a while, so this is the perfect prize for me. Thanks, Dewey!

Lenore said...

Congrats - you deserve it!

Tammy said...

Thanks, Lenore!